Experience & Highlights

Extensive experience working as a Sr. Software Architect and Consultant for enterprise projects. Ability to perform in different roles, including Project Manager, Business Analyst, Solution Architect, Lead Developer & DevOps. Expert in Microsoft .Net and related technologies as well as Salesforce/Force.com Cloud development, proved by the successful implementation of several solutions for different industries including Insurance, Banking, Education and eCommerce. Ample experience working in complex enterprise CRM projects using Salesforce and Pivotal CRM solutions. More than 10 years of proven excellence as a software developer and consultant using a wide range of frameworks, platforms and programming languages. Exceptional skills to quickly learn new technologies. Solid knowledge of design paradigms, databases, web, desktop and mobile application development. Ability to present complex development topics to both executive and technical personnel. Multicultural experience and used to work with multinational/offshore/remote teams.

.Net Development

Expert in Microsoft tecnology, .Net and C# development

Microsoft LogoC# Logo

  • MCPD
  • MCP+I

CRM Consulting

10+ years experience working with CRM

Salesforce Logo Pivotal Logo

  • Salesforce.com Certified Platform Developer I & II, App Builder, Advanced Developer and Administrator, Architect
  • Pivotal CRM Certified Developer and Administrator

Top Achievements

  • Helped close our biggest enterprise project for the most important insurance company in Spain, a 3 million € project plus yearly maintenance contract, by doing the presales for the project. I developed a prototype system showing functionality key to the business, and presented it to stake holders. The system (Claims) is now deployed to 4 business units, servicing a total of 4000+ users (internal & external). I also designed and developed the core system modules, and was directly responsible for integrating it with several core legacy systems, developing a real-time integration middle tier managing a total of 60000+ messages per day.
  • Reduced our integration development efforts by a factor of 75% (approximately 11 hours per integration point) by the development of an integration tool for SOA systems. This resulted in considerable reduction in costs and development time and an improvement in the quality of the delivered product. This tool also allows us to write a typical CRUD integrations in a matter of minutes. The tool has been deployed in several CRM projects to integrate the CRM with other SOA systems. For our last project, the estimated time to integrate 23 web services was 350 hours, and with this tool the integration was developed in approximately 100 hours.
  • Improvement of the SLA (Service Level Agreement) by reducing the average resolution time of platform incidents to 80% (from 1+ hours to a few minutes), and positively changing the perception of system stability by the development of an Application Performance Manager (APM) tool for the CRM platform. The tool monitors the system for any possible incident (e.g. baseline threshold reached) notifying support reps and allowing administrators to solve the incident even before it was noticed by end users.
  • Reduced the “warranty time” (non-billed time spent fixing issues covered by our warranty) of CRM projects developed by our Professional Services unit by 35% (a total of 150 hours per month) by the implementation of an internal Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) process, using standard software engineering practices (software metrics, continuous integration, automated tools, testing, etc.), applied to the stages of development, testing, deployment and support. Also, reduced deployments attempts by 50%, going from an average of 3 deployments per environment per month to an average of 1.5.
  • Helped diversify the Professional Services offering and increase 5% (120K € per year) the forecasted business revenue by leading the Professional Services unit in charge of the Salesforce CRM projects. I was responsible for learning the Force.com platform and to prepare our internal personnel (technical, business and sales roles) to embrace the new technology. I got certified as Salesforce Administrator, Developer and Advanced Developer in just 4 months’ time, becoming an expert in Force.com cloud development.

Working Experience

Senior Solutions Architect

April 2016 to present - Systemyc Business Solutions S.L.Madrid, Spain

Solutions Architect specializing system architecture, design, integrations and development, using platforms such as Microsoft .Net and Pivotal CRM.


  • Design, architect and develop solutions to integrate CRM/ERP/Legacy heterogeneous systems using a broad range of technologies (middleware, ETLs, custom development, etc.)
  • Account manager for strategic Customers located offshore (USA)
  • Assist support agents in troubleshooting and solving complex and hard business scenarios

Senior Solutions Architect

August 2015 to present - CongaColorado, USA

Solutions Architect specializing system architecture, design, integrations and development, using the Salesforce and Force.com platforms, and Microsoft .Net. Worked on more than 30 successful projects for VIP customers in various industries.


  • Attend and conduct BPR (Business Process Review) meetings with C-Level stakeholders.
  • Translate high-level business requirements to technical requirements
  • Evaluate and design the architecture for the solution
  • Present and demo solutions prototypes and develop proof of concepts
  • Design, architect and develop integrations solutions between heterogenous systems using a broad range of technologies (middleware, ETLs, custom development, etc.)
  • In the case of big projects, work as a Developer Team Leader to coordinate the team members

Senior Software Architect

January 2003 to March 2016 - Grupo Lanka C.A.Madrid, Spain

Software Architect for different enterprise projects in the areas of Insurance, Banking, eCommerce, Manufacturing, etc. Performing different roles such as Business Analyst, Lead Developer, DevOps, IT and Support Manager. Managing teams of up to 8 persons.


  • Design and decide on the system architecture and implementation of technology for existing and new projects
  • Design and architect solutions to integrate CRM/ERP/Legacy heterogeneous systems using a broad range of technologies (middleware, ETLs, custom development, etc.)
  • Risk management of the technical aspects of the solutions especially on early stages of a project
  • Presales activities including development of demos, prototypes and proof of concepts, and presentation to high level executives
  • Selling of consulting engagements including estimation, scoping and statement of work to set expectations and limit risks
  • Implementation of development techniques and best practices in software architecture and development
  • Development and maintenance of integration solutions for the Client’s Legacy systems
  • Evaluation, implementation and adaptation of new technologies in the field in order to drive the internal development standards for the company
  • Responsible for the technical Service Level Agreement for systems that are in production
  • Regional Manager for the Consulting department between 2005-2007

Research Assistant/Teaching Assistant

January 2000 to December 2002 - Mississippi State UniversityStarkville, MS, USA

Application developer for various departments in MSU, using Java EE programming technology. Teaching assistant for the Laboratory of Computer Science III (3 lab sections).

Responsibilities. Development of the following systems/applications:

  • Web Conference Management System.
  • Visual Query Engine for tree structures.
  • Object-Oriented extension to XML (XML++).
  • Different web crawlers and ontology creation tool for eCommerce web sites.
  • News Management System for the Poultry Science department.
  • Library Information System for the English department.
  • Data Warehouse View Materialization system.
  • Web Survey System for the department of Electrical & Computer Engineering.

Senior Consultant

March 1998 to December 1999 - Grupo Lanka C.A.Madrid, Spain

Leader developer in charge of the pre-sale, deployment, administration, customization and post-sale support for the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software PIVOTAL Relationship and related technologies including MS SQL Server, MS Exchange Server, etc.


  • Development of CRM systems for the three most important companies in the area of Insurance, Telecommunications and Banking in Venezuela.
  • Development of the localized version of the CRM software for Latin-American markets.

System Administrator

March 1997 to February 1998 - Digital Equipment de Venezuela C.A.Caracas, Venezuela


  • Responsible for the internal Software & Hardware infrastructure. Administration, configuration and support of the internal network, database, and messaging infrastructure
  • Implementation of the Data Warehouse system for the billing and order processing system, providing a centralized view of the overall business to the company
  • Configuration of the internal Intranet
  • Transformation of the hard-to-use legacy system front ends to easy to use web oriented applications
  • Configuration and administration of the first modern database infrastructure for the Caracas branch


Following is a list of some of the most important projects where I’ve participated (other projects not listed for space restrictions). I provide a brief description and then list the activities that were my responsibility or were directly coordinated by me, and the technologies used to perform those activities. Due to non-disclosure policies, I’m obviating the name of Clients, but provide instead the activity sector and location in order to identify the Client.

Salesforce Experience

2013-2017 - USA (various cities)

Project participation:

  • I have worked in a project to integrate Salesforce with Microsoft Azure using Azure functions written in .Net. Experience with Salesforce APEX call outs and Azure Functions. My role in this project was as a software architects
  • I have worked in a project to migrate data from Dynamics CRM to Salesforce. Experience with low level Salesforce object data structures. Experience with Salesforce Data Loader, Bulk API and SOAP. My role in this project was as a software architect.
  • I have worked in a project for a bidirectional integration between Salesforce and a Legacy (on-premise) system. Experience developing triggers, APEX classes to do callout using HTTP and consuming SOAP and REST web services. Experience creating custom applications to expose REST and SOAP services in Salesforce. This project allowed me to gain great experience with Salesforce integration techniques. My role in this project was as a software architect.
  • I have worked in a project to create a Salesforce application for the AppExchange. This application is for the area of Insurance. This project allowed me to master different aspects of APEX and Visualforce programming. My role in this project required both functional and technical skills.
  • I have worked as a presales engineer for different projects. I was responsible for gathering the initial requirements and then create prototypes which I had to demo to high level stake holders, including technical and non-technical people.
  • More than 10 years working in various successful implementations of complex CRM systems for enterprise clients in different industry areas. During this time I have played different roles, excelling as a Software Architect and Lead Developer.

Technical Knowledge

  • Knowledge of APEX development (advanced)
  • Knowledge of Visualforce development (advanced)
  • Knowledge of Lightning Development
  • Knowledge of integration capabilities exposing and consuming SOAP/REST services. Knowledge of OAuth authentication mechanisms (advanced)
  • Knowledge of advanced development techniques including APEX metadata (advanced)
  • Experience working with web development using HTML, CSS and Javascript (advanced). Knowledge of Salesforce Javascript remoting
  • Experience working with Salesforce best practices for performance and optimization. Knowledge of the various governor limits and its way around them
  • Knowledge of design and development for Salesforce1 applications

Presales Salesforce CRM Implementation

2014 - Madrid, Spain

Client: Telecommunications Company

Project Description: Implement the CRM system in Salesforce for sales force automation (creation of opportunities, quotes and forecasts) and integration with ERP. Total project time: 2 weeks.

Roles for the project:

  • Technical Project Leader
  • Development Leader

Activities performed and technologies used

  • Customization of Salesforce CRM to adapt to business requirements
  • Develop the integration layer to integrate the CRM with the ERP, creation of triggers and custom classes and pages, using Force.com APEX and Visualforce
  • Develop a web service layer to synchronize the ERP and the CRM, using Microsoft .Net WCF, Microsoft Entity Framework, Microsoft SQL Server

System Integration & Monitoring Products

2013 - Madrid, Spain

Client: Consulting Company

Project Description: Development of integration solutions for the Pivotal CRM Platform that allow the integration of the CRM with heterogeneous data sources such as SOAP, REST and ADO.Net. Development of monitoring solutions for IT departments that need to administer Pivotal CRM systems. Total project time: 6 months.

Roles for the project:

  • Technical Project Leader, directing a total 1 resource for IT
  • Development Leader, directing a total of 1 developer

Activities performed and technologies used

  • Develop a system to integrate Pivotal CRM with heterogeneous data sources (DBConnection ):
    • Systems with SOA endpoints based on SOAP
    • Systems with a ADO.Net access point (OLEDB, ODBC, .Net)
    • Systems with a REST endpoint
  • Develop a system to synchronize database data for SQLServer and Oracle databases
  • Create a Monitoring Tool to proactively monitor Pivotal CRM systems (MonitoringIT )
  • Develop a tool to integrate Pivotal CRM systems with Windows Active Directory (Pivotal AD Sync )

Insurance Claims Management System

2010-2013 - Boston, MA, USA

Client: Insurance Company

Project Description: Development and implementation of a Claim Management System for the Business and Contact Center areas. Integrate disparate/heterogeneous Legacy systems and provide unified profiles for clients (contact and companies), policies/risks, claims, incidences, among others. Creation of claims and incidences reported by clients and communication to legacy systems. Project developed using Pivotal CRM Platform . Total project time: 2 years.

Roles for the project:

  • Technical Project Leader, directing a total 2 resources for IT
  • Development Leader, directing a total of 6 developers

Activities performed and technologies used

  • Design and implement the technical infrastructure for the project. A total of 6 environments (development, integration, tests, training, preproduction and production) and more than 25 application servers based in Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and 5 Oracle 11g R2 databases.
  • Installation and administration of Microsoft Internet Information Services (used by the application layer) and Microsoft SharePoint Server (used by the application portals)
  • Design the load balancing strategy using both hardware load balancing based on Cisco F5 and Microsoft Network Load Balancing.
  • Provide a Source Control System for development based on Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2010. Provide best practices (branching, versioning, continuous integration, etc.) for the development team.
  • Design the deployment path to go from development to production. Development of an internal tool called Scripter to automate the deployments. This tool was developed in Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 using C# (.Net 3.5), ADO.Net and XML.
  • Coordinate the deployment of the application to client machines using installation packages to be deployed using Microsoft System Center.
  • Coordinate the health monitoring of the system using Microsoft System Center Operation Manager
  • Design and test the fail-over and disaster recovery solutions for the system
  • Design and implement the whole security infrastructure for the project based in SSL certificates using Microsoft Certificate Services.
  • Provide Advanced Technical Training to the Client’s IT department

Development of an Application to do Performance Load Test of Pivotal Systems

2010 - Boston, MA, USA

Client: Insurance Company

Project Description: Design a performance test plan stress test the Claims Management System. Create a tool to automate stress tests and tests cases simulating virtual users .Total project time: 4 months.

Roles for the project:

  • Development Leader, directing a total of 1 developer

Activities performed and technologies used

  • Design and implement a Performance Test Plan that would need to be executed on each phase of the project. The plan had to guarantee that application performance conforms to the established baseline
  • Execute the plan on different environments (integration, preproduction, production) and different locations including California, Arizona and Massachusetts.
  • A tool called Pivotal Performance Simulator (PPS) was developed to simulate load and test the performance of the application. The tool was developed using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 using C# (.Net 3.5)
  • Communication with the application server is done using a SOA architecture based on services published via HTTP based on a native XML protocol
  • The application simulates virtual uses making requests to the application. The tool leverages .Net to manipulate and spawn multiple threads.
  • The tool uses Microsoft SQL Server to store results of all the tests. Tests results are then processed using Microsoft Integration Services and presented in Excel Pivot Tables driven by Microsoft Analysis Services

Billing System

2008 - Madrid, Spain

Client: Insurance Company

Project Description: Development and implementation of a Billing system for that consolidates all the concepts related with the emission of new insurance policies. The system consolidates and creates bills for more than 200.000 concepts monthly. Total project time: 1 year.

Roles for the project:

  • Technical Project Leader, directing a total 1 resource for IT
  • Development Leader, directing a total of 3 developers

Activities performed and technologies used (similar to the Claims system. Only different activities are listed)

  • Development of the main modules of the application using .Net C# with Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 on the Pivotal CRM platform.
  • Create installation packages based on ActiveX components for Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  • Plan remote access to the application using Microsoft Terminal Services and Citrix Servers
  • Integrate the Billing system with the ERP and SAP using a middle tier. A middle tier was designed to orchestrate the integration between Pivotal CRM and ERP/SAP using different strategies based on Microsoft MSMQ, XML Services, and ADO.Net.

Other Developments

2004-2013 - Madrid, Spain

Client: Different Clients in Venezuela, Colombia, USA and Spain

Roles for the project:

  • Development Leader
  • Technical IT Leader

Activities performed and technologies used

  • Development of a System Monitoring application for the Pivotal infrastructure, using Microsoft SQL Server, XML and XSL and using SOA architecture. Currently being migrated to Microsoft Communication Foundation (WCF) and Microsoft Presentation Foundation (WPF).
  • Design of a development methodology for Pivotal CRM projects based on Visual Studio Extensibility points (Templates, Wizards, etc.) Pivotal Templates for Visual Studio
  • Development of a CTI integration solution based on TAPI using Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0


Following is a list of some of the most important products I’ve developed (other products not listed for space restrictions).

Encourage kids to do good actions by using an effective points & rewards system THe Deed Box Preview


  • Register the good deeds accomplished by each kid, and see how they accumulate points. Each kid has its own balance of points
  • Once a kid has accumulated enough balance, reward him/her with a wish, exchanging points
  • You can use the already predefined deeds and wishes, our you can easily create and customize new deeds and wishes to better adapt to your specific needs

Integrate all your cloud storage services into a unified and simple view Cumulo Preview


  • Register all your cloud storages in Cumulo. Registration is easy, all you need is activate the cloud storage with your account and Cumulo takes care of the rest
  • Cumulo will present a unified view, identifying files and folder with an icon describing the cloud where the file is stored. If a folder is present in all your clouds, you only see one instance
  • Cumulo allows you to search for files across all your registered cloud storage services. No need to do separate searches on each cloud

Displays all the Outlook relevant information: unread emails, pending tasks, today's meetings and upcoming events Outlook Gadget Preview


  • Connects with the Outlook session automatically
  • Customizable panels: you can select which panels (Emails, Tasks, Calendar) to show
  • Customizable UI: you can select font, color and size to display the items in your desktop
  • Totally transparent

A set of templates for building Server and Client Tasks for the Pivotal 6.x infrastructure (PCM version) Visual Studio Template Preview


  • Creates automatic metadata constants based on the BM
  • Takes care of the boilerplate code for server and client tasks
  • Presents a simplified metadata model
  • Includes improvements for code analysis and code metrics


Salesforce Certifications

  • Salesforce Certified Development Lifecycle & Deployment Designer. Last update Winter 2018
  • Salesforce Certified Integration Architecture Designer. Last update Winter 2018
  • Salesforce Certified App Builder. Last update Winter 2018
  • Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I. Last update Winter 2018
  • Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II. Last update Winter 2018
  • Salesforce Certified Advanced Developer. Last update Summer 2016
  • Salesforce Certified Developer. Last update Summer 2016
  • Salesforce Certified Administrator. Last update Winter 2018
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Salesforce Trailead achievements: 245 badges, 235K+points. Superbadges: APEX Specialist, Advanced APEX Specialist, Data Integration Specialist, Process Automation Specialist, Security Specialist, Business Administration Specialist, Reports & Dashboards Specialist, Lightning Component Framework Specialist, Lightning Experience Rollout Specialist, Lightning Experience Specialist. View Trailhead Profile

Microsoft Certifications

MCPD Certification MCDBA Certification MCPI Certification

  • Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD)
  • Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE)
  • Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA)
  • Microsoft Certified Professional + Internet (MCP+I)
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Pivotal CRM Certifications

  • PIVOTAL Relationship Customization Master
  • PIVOTAL Relationship Administrator


Master of Science in Computer Science

Specializing in Internet Databases

Mississippi State UniversityStarkville MS, USA December, 2002. GPA: 4.0/4.0

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

Specializing in Databases

Simón Bolivar UniversityCaracas, Venezuela November, 1997. GPA: 4.26/5.0. Rank: 3rd.


Only the skills with the most experience are listed

  • Programming Languages: .Net Languages and Framework (C#, VB.Net) Apex C/C++ Visual Basic Java Perl
  • Web: HTML/DHTML JavaScript XML/XSL CSS VBScript Knockout Angular
  • Mobile/Device Development: Windows RT/Windows Phone (C#, XAML) Xamarin iOS (Objective-C)
  • Databases: Microsoft SQL Server Admin and Development (MS Transact-SQL) Micrsoft SSIS BI (Analysis Service) Reporting Services Oracle Administration and Development (Oracle PL/SQL)
  • OS Administration: Administration of Windows family of Servers (2003, 2008, 2012)
  • Cloud: Microsoft Azure Force.com
  • CRM: Salesforce Pivotal CRM
  • Methodologies: Agile SCRUM Waterfall
  • Other: Presentation and demonstration skills Public speaking Customer service and relationship


  • Spanish (native)
  • English (high)
  • Italian (native)
  • French (intermediate)


Presence Courses

  • Scrum Development Professional. 20 hours. December 2014. Madrid, Spain.
  • Team Work. 7 hours. April 2008. Madrid, Spain.
  • Advanced Negotiation Techniques. 16 hours. July 2008. Madrid, Spain.


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  • Articles on Salesforce Development & Integration.
  • Articles on Cross Platform Development.
  • Articles on Pivotal CRM Development.


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  • Nominated Microsoft Active Professional 2014. April 2014. Madrid, Spain.
  • Winner of the 1st place in the Windows 8 Megathon in Madrid with Cumulo. September 2012. Madrid, Spain.
  • Nominated as Mississippi State Research Assistant of the Year 2001-2002 by the Computer Science Department. April 2002. Mississippi State, USA.
  • Winner of the 2001 Tri-State Student Paper Contest. Giovanni Modica. An Incremental Algorithm for Attribute Clustering in Cooperative Databases. June, 2001. Destin, USA.


Member of Upsilon Pi Epsilon

International Honor Society of Computer and Information Disciplines

Upsilon Pi EpsilonUSA 2001.

PADI Certified Open Water Diver

PADI Certified Open Water DiverSpain 2009.



I love my family and I like my time with them. On my personal time I like to do different activities such as practicing sports (running, swimming, soccer, etc.), watching movies, reading books, learning, and hanging out with friends. I like challenges, puzzles and difficult things. I enjoy good food, especially to try out new stuff.